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Laptop Buying Guide: Complete Solution

Electronic Gadgets are an indispensable part of our day to day lives. Even as we are moving to the most efficient and handy cool products, some electronic devices like laptop hold special significance. But When it comes to buying a laptop there are several factors involved which we have to keep in mind. Firstly you […]



Laptop Buying Guide

Electronic Gadgets are an indispensable part of our day to day lives. Even as we are moving to the most efficient and handy cool products, some electronic devices like laptop hold special significance. But When it comes to buying a laptop there are several factors involved which we have to keep in mind. Firstly you must know why do you need a laptop? Like for playing games, for project work, for presentation purposes or business, etc. Then there comes an obvious question that which one should you buy Desktop or Laptop. Since both of them serve the same purpose but it is better to have a laptop as it is easy to carry and have many additional features.

Here are the things to look when buying a Laptop

1. Processor

The processor is the first thing which you should look when buying a laptop. Mainly there are two major company who manufacture processors

  1. Intel
  2. AMD

Of the two, intel is more popular. But must have a review which one is better?

If you want to buy a laptop in 20K then the AMP’s processor is good because it has more power, but for Budget of more than 20,000 Intel should be a better choice. In Intel, they manufacture different processor Pentium 4, Dual-core, Core 2 duo, i3, i5, i7. Hey, one minute, if you think i3 means third generation and i5 means the fifth generation then you are wrong since these are just the name of models. Intel manufacture many types of processors on the basis of their function and work. Intel started the processor with core 2 duo, the quadcore and now they provide i3, i5, and i7 as well.
i3 means that its processor consists of 2 cores, i5 means 4 core and i7 have 6-8 cores. Cores can be explained as workers. If the processor has 2 cores then it means it has two workers for work. If there are 4 cores then there is 4 worker to do the work and so on. As the Cores increases the speed of doing work by a laptop increases. These are only the technical functions. So which core fits for your laptop depends upon its use for you.


If you want Laptop for Watching movies, do some browsing and use few applications then i3 is best. This laptop Buying Guide will make everything clear. Now suppose you want to edit Videos, use Photoshop and use some heavy applications and software than for these works you can own i5 core processor. The latest core processor of Intel is i7 which is even more powerful than i5. i7 can be used to play heavy games, connect to a big screen and do heavy editing.

In short, if you want the simple things to do then choose i3, for slightly complicated things i5, and for complex things buy i7.

The other thing you might have noticed is the company intel also write generation name in front of there processor i.e 1st generation, 4th generation, 7th generation, etc.

What is the Processor?

The processor is a simple small-sized chip which consists of many small circuits and transistors. Over the year the company tried to decrease the size of circuits and transistors which they called the generation. In a 3rd and 4th generation the size of these circuits was 28nm and in the 6th and 7th generation the size decreases to 14nm and the company continuously tries to reduce the size so the conclusion is that the size of the chip is actually the generation. The smaller the size, the faster the work and also use less amount of battery. At the end of June Intel is equipped with 8th generation processor. In the market, Processor of all generations are available but you should have to take care that your processor should be latest if it is in your budget. To Know more about generations you can check the official website of Intel where all details about the latest generations are available.

2. RAM

The second most important component in the laptop after the processor stands for Random Access Memory. The Processor uses to process the given work and give you the output but they also have to store the data of the input of what you have given to them i.e. which operating system you are using, which application are you using and many more these kinds of thing stored in RAM.

In short, it can be said that all those things which are running in the computer are stored in memory so that it can easily be processed are stored under RAM. The higher the size of RAM, the more multitasking you become. Here is the ideal combination of processor and RAM
i3 – 4Gb,
i5 – 8Gb,
i7 – 8Gb or 16Gb.
But the whole things depends on What do you want to do with your Laptop.

The RAM has also their generation which is DDR1(2002), DDR2(2004), DDR3(2007), DDR4(2014). The latest one is DDR4 which use less amount of battery and give more power to use the capacity of storage. Which in turn leads you to read and write very quickly. So make sure to get the latest generation in your Laptop or desktop depending on what you get from laptop buying guide.

3. Hard disk

The third and most important component of the laptop is the hard drive. There are mainly two types of hard drive:-

  1. HDD ( Hard Disk Drive)
  2. SDD (Solid State Drive).

HDD provides a large amount of space i.e 1TB, 2TB or more, while SDD stores data in chips due to which the speed of reading and writing is very fast. But SDD is expensive and provide less space that’s why it is used lesser. Apple’s laptop has SDD. So when you buy the laptop firstly see which type of hard drive is given to you and how many GBs of storage they provide.

The above all things are about Hardware now let’s discuss something about Software.

4. Operating system

If you buy a laptop with Microsoft Windows 10 then they charge 6000 – 7000 rs for that. If you don’t want that then they will give you the Microsoft DOS the oldest version of the operating system. And after that, you can buy any operating system which you want. So when buying a laptop you must look for the latest Operating System.

5. Display

The price of any laptop also depends upon the resolution of the screen and its width so be sure about the resolution and nowadays everybody knows that what should it be. 720p is normal HD and 1080p is full HD. If you buy the HD display then be sure it has a Graphics Card. Which is the GPU of the laptop which means how they display things on the screen. So if you have full HD display but no graphic card then CPU is not able to process the full HD so if you want full HD then you must have a graphic card. Graphic card ID uses to display the screen in HD so if you buy a laptop for gaming or video editing then you have to the must-have graphics card of 2 – 4 GB. This is one of the things to consider while you check the laptop buying guide.


These are some basic information about laptop buying guide. Now you have to decide about some other features like Fingerprint scanner, touch screen, etc. Buying Yoga, or some such sort of stylish touch won’t help you that much. These kind of things are just okay but increases your budget. If you manage to get that in budget then as you like but I suggest that you have to use that money for buying the latest evolvements.

Hope this guide for buying an ideal laptop will help you. If you have anything in your mind you can leave a comment below.

Thank You!

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