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Marks Vs Knowledge: Which is More Important in Education System

Many a time in the present education system we are judged on the basis of marks. It is like people consider you everything only by your marks. But don’t you think that knowledge is more important? The biggest problem of India is that the so-called “educated” society considers marks as a reflection of the intelligence […]



Marks Vs Knowledge

Many a time in the present education system we are judged on the basis of marks. It is like people consider you everything only by your marks. But don’t you think that knowledge is more important? The biggest problem of India is that the so-called “educated” society considers marks as a reflection of the intelligence or smartness of a person. This puts an enormous amount of pressure on the students, especially during the age of 12-18, when their marks are supposed to matter the most. It affects the physical and mental condition of a student and anyone can answer is it right to do or not? It also brings in this situation that Today’s students study to score more marks and not to gain more knowledge. So, the final question we face is and try to answer is regarding knowledge vs marks in the current education system.

Today’s Education System

Today the world has become very competitive, Competition is everywhere. It is in studies, sports, job and almost all activities of mankind. But, is competition really giving benefit in the field of education? Let us think about it for a while. Educational competition is everywhere and is growing day by day. Friends compete with each other for better marks. Different Schools compete with each other for the better result in Board Examinations. Nowadays, we are focusing very much on more marks and good grades. Frankly speaking, I am not an exception to it. And how can I be?

If I start neglecting marks, I won’t get admission in good colleges. Nowadays it is not odd for a college to set its cut- off marks very high.

But does high marks ensure that a student has got good knowledge? Here lies my question and it was in my brain for the last two-three days. There are many factors which can lead to high marks without good knowledge.

Problems of Education System

The hot problem faced by the education system today is that students study by memorizing instead of knowing its meaning clearly. In some cases, there is a practice of liberal marking. Due to which students get more marks then she deserves. In order to get high marks, a student may also use some unfair means; who knows? Even when a student has secured high marks, by clearly knowing everything written in books, it may not be enough. The second question lies in the implementation of her knowledge. Knowledge vs marks is a real debate which needs more attention.

Challenges of Education System

What if the students use their knowledge only during the examination? They may answer every question correctly and perfectly and may even score cent percent in the examination.

What if they don’t implement any of her knowledge in day to day life? He/she may not be active in co-curricular activities. She may not be smart enough.

What I want to convey is that marks alone don’t show the ability and talent of a student. Even a student with relatively low marks can be more talented.

Over-competition may also prove to be evil. It may ruin the real meaning of education. Nowadays we can see some students committing suicide even after scoring good marks especially in Board Exam of Class X & Class XII. We can also see some teachers (not all) teaching students from the examination point of view and not for real knowledge.

Now coming back to the question of (very) high Cut-Offs marks for admission I would like to say that it needs a little modification. We should conduct an entrance test, instead of believing blindly in the marks.

What matters Marks or Knowledge

According to me, the current education system is being misused. Some of the colleges in Delhi declaring that the cut-off mark as 100 percent is ridiculous. “Study should be not for marks but for knowledge. Develop the penchant for gaining knowledge and do not get into the mad rush for marks. Knowledge will stay forever, marks might fade over a period of time”.

There should be an average cut off marks for the eligibility to appear the entrance test. And most important is that co-curricular activities of students should be considered. This will show how active the student is.

So let us learn the joy of learning. Every subject has its own charm and beauty. Let us try to learn the lesson in the best way and apply it to our daily life. If we learn the lesson this way then it will be sure that we will pass the examinations with flying colors as marks will be behind us.

Thus it won’t be good to set marks as the main objective and leaving knowledge behind. Instead of this; let us aim for knowledge.


I would like to answer this question using Benjamin Franklin’s quote that”An investment in knowledge gives the best interest “. Obviously having the right kind of knowledge is important. However, in this education system marks/grades are given more importance to, at least while in school or in college. Because you will get an entry into a good college or university based on your good grades. Also, you will be considered for an interview based on your academic record on paper i.e. only marks /grades will be given importance to for shortlisting for startup job interviews. So one should strive to seek the balance between scoring good marks and acquiring knowledge. Because not scoring good marks will not open doors of opportunities for you even if you have knowledge because if you won’t get an opportunity how would you prove that you have knowledge. Nevertheless, in the long run, knowledge is important and of course, the application of knowledge in practice is more important. What is more important, knowledge or marks?

I believe you being rational on deciding upon the same. Education System really needs a rewrite though.

Share with everyone to spread awareness. Thank You!

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